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CalmER – Intelligent Response System

Mobile IoT Application (Concept)


LA Hackathon 2016: Innovative IoT entry. Competed as part of a five-member team that consisted of a project manager, two engineers, technologist, and myself as the UI/UX designer. Worked with teammates to concept, architect, design application functionality, interface and branding.

“CalmER is a wearable device and mobile app that detects incidents to assist the user in an emergency or non-emergency setting. CalmER is designed to help a user reduce their stress level and lower their risk of being in a more dangerous state. It collects data via the wearable device and communicates with the person by speaking (via the IBM Watson) to be in a more calm state while assistance is on its way.”

CalmER Invision Prototype

Project Details

Skills  UI/UX, Interaction Design, Branding, Logo Design