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Responsive Website Redesign


Responsive redesign of Transamerica’s flagship website. The project leveraged modern team workflows as well as utilizing agile design and development best practices.

As part of the internal design and development team I worked the creative and UI/UX leads to research, prototype and design UI portions of the site that were problematic to the redesign effort. The overarching task was taking an existing site that did not utilize a responsive design for the majority of the site and was largely developed module by module since the site’s previous redesign while not adhering to the existing brand guidelines. This coupled with the constraints of an enterprise content management system presentation a special set of design constraints.

The solution to these problems were to work closely with the development team to insure the new responsive elements would not break the CMS framework as well as provide a real-time style guide and reference for the redesigned pages and modules. We implemented Atomic Design Methodology, which worked fluidly into our Agile workflow.

Project Details

Client  Transamerica
Agency  EDT
Skills  UI/UX, Responsive